keita thomas

I'm a mother, artist, sister, teacher, daughter, coach and spiritual creative. I'm multi-passionate and have a thirst for learning. I'm typing this while bouncing an impatient, cooing baby on my lap and as she tries to suck my cheek, I'm reminded once more that as I made the shift from maiden to mother; there came a fascinatingly deeper sense of what self-care actually is, and all of a sudden it was really important to be productive with my time spent doing it! As a mother of three very young children I only have time to do what I love and what heals the most effectively.

Some other random info about me; I love the smell of play-doh, singing Adele at the top of my lungs while driving and every Bruce Willis movie I've seen, especially "The Fifth Element", but I'm still not actually sure how I feel about Bruce Willis. I was a shy teen and have a mild moth-phobia... it's the dust. Creeps me out.

When I've hit the hardest times in my life, from child birth, to child loss, separation and everything in-between, there's an internal space I continually retreat to.

I turn to spirit and I pour it out in my art. When the next wave hits. Rinse and repeat.

Since 2012 I've been teaching the first bit. The spirit bit. The connection to the energy in and outside. I did four to fifteen sessions per week and LOVED it, even more than that, I LOVED teaching meditation and spiritual development classes. I would get so excited shining a light on the dusty and abandoned corners of someone's imagination and showing how that ignites intuition, how the creative imagination is a spiritual language.

As a child I would draw. I'd draw and paint pictures and I'd use whatever was on hand, pencils, pens, crushed up flowers. My favourite was potato printing when my Mum would cut out stars and circles and I'd concentrate on dabbing at the page, amazed at how the colours would mix and make new colours. I notice the details of things. I knew the cracked lines of paint on each windowsill intimately, and I've always been hyper-sensitive to the emotions running through those around me and would draw the same picture of the stone details of our Yorkshire house over and over.

I sang. I sang a lot. In a catholic choir even though it scared me, I loved how the blended voices would shake through my body and make me feel emotions bigger than my pre-teen frame. As a teenager I wrote secret poetry hidden from the prying eyes of my siblings and created characters or animals out of people in my poems so that anyone who found it would have no clue who it was written about.

I kept drawing and painting and studied technical theatre in my including set design, props and costume design. At college and university I got to read great plays, write about them and play with hot glue guns, dental foam, throw and spatter paint to look like old wood or rusted metal, make dolls heads, paint portraits and see an environment in my head come to life as actors suddenly danced on my designs and then that was my job and I loved that too.

When pain arises and the icky feelings come, we reject them. Or worse, we skip straight to the "let it go". I'm going against the grain here but I say don't try "let it go" (because that really only happens AFTER, when you stop caring). I'm talking about REAL HEALING the clunky, crunchy bit between the bad feelings and ability to actually "let it go". Your creative spirit can heal you if you meet it there.

In my experience that's where the human spirit's need for creativity is.


That's what I've come to know in these six years.

That's why I am creating a membership community of supportive peers to consistently show up for themselves in their art and in their healing journey. Because self-expression is important. It's also why I choose to fall in love with the process of creating art every day. 

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