Rose in the Balance Print

Rose in the Balance Print

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Frame not included

Print of an original 8” x 10” Watercolor Painting with Coloured Pencil and White Ink Detailing and Silver Embellishment.

Please Note: the silver-grey shapes are NOT printed in metallic ink in this printed reproduction.

There are two price options options for printing.

1) 8.5” X 11” Print = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

2) Postcard = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

This was the final painting I did within this series of roses and intuitively I just knew I was done once I finished it. One of the reasons being that it took me so long to complete! Like I had to draw out everything that the energy of the rose had to teach me for this season of work.

If you’ve read the descriptions from the other paintings in this series you will know that I’ve done a heck of a lot of reflection while processing these artworks. I work with my intuition and follow whatever comes to me and for this season I was OBSESSED with roses. This particular painting took me so long as I was very meticulous and painted each petal tightly.

I’m a girl who loves the details so this really helped me to appreciate the details, texture and structure of this flower that is so well known for it’s beauty. I also wanted to contrast the softness of the rose with the sharp structure of the rectangle to communicate how both structure and organic growth have a time and a place in all our lives. As I painted I mused the balance of these things in my own life.

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