(Limited Edition) Banba - Irish Goddess of the Land

(Limited Edition) Banba - Irish Goddess of the Land


This painting features a beautiful Irish goddess emerging from the woodland.

I painted the goddess "Banba" as a 16”x20” Oil on Canvas and this listing is for a printed reproduction of the artwork.

• Frame not included

• An 8.5x11 print of an original 16” x 20” Oil Painting.

• Print Info : High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper : 8.5”x11 with a thin white border.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at keita@keitathomas.com

Artist Notes & Symbology

Banba (pronounced BAHN-va) is the celtic goddess of the spirit of Ireland. Banba’s name means “unplowed land”. When the Milesians arrived in Ireland and conquered them, Banba and her two sisters Eriu and Fodla, all asked that the Ireland be named for them. Eriu won the request, but Banba’s name continued to be used on occasion. The three sisters represent the spirit of Ireland. Banba is also a celtic war goddess who extends safety to those who follow her, wielding magic in their support. In Irish tradition, she protects the land from invaders. As a reward for her sorcery’s assistance, Banba’s name is linked with ancient poetic designation for parts of Ireland.

All of my paintings are original works that I create in North Vancouver.


©2018 Keita Thomas

All copyrights are retained by the artist

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