Broken, She Rose - Crystal Grid

Broken, She Rose - Crystal Grid

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Frame not included

Print of an original 8” x 10” Watercolor Painting with Coloured Pencil and White Ink Detailing and Silver Embellishment.

Please Note: the silver-grey shapes are NOT printed in metallic ink in this printed reproduction.

There are two price options options for printing.

1) 8.5” X 11” Print = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

2) Postcard = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

Another one of my favourites in this series because this print can double as a crystal grid!

If you know me, you know I LOVE crystals and have used them in my work as a reader and energy healer for years. I am a true geek when it comes to crystals!

I also love functional art and I wanted to create something that could help to heal the heart. Not only does this print work as a beautiful piece of stand-alone decor in your home, but it can also act as a reminder to remain active in your heart-healing process.

The rose in the painting acts a symbol of the heart. A little bruised, perhaps broken with pieces of it feeling scattered - much like the petals below. When it comes to energy healing work of any kind, intension is king (as my students have often heard me bang on about!) and the intension here is to heal that broken heart by appreciating the beauty of the change that comes with heartache. To honor the changes that will come and the growth you are not yet aware of. It encourages you to practice some self love.

How to use as a crystal grid:

  • Frame your print to protect it first.

  • Lay your framed rose print on a flat surface.

  • Place your key crystal on the centre of the grid, conveniently marked by the end of the dripping paint.

  • Place two or more activating crystals in the triangles marked out in the design.

  • For suggested crystals to use and a tutorial on how to activate your crystal grid, check out my blog as I will be posting that really soon.

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