(Original) Brigid - Fire Goddess

(Original) Brigid - Fire Goddess


This painting features a beautiful fire goddess.

• 24" x 24"

• Original acrylic on canvas with textured background

• All originals have finished edges

• All originals are glazed / sealed to preserve colours

• If you have any questions about the piece please email keita@keitathomas.com

Artist Notes & Symbology

"Brigid” is the title of this painting after the Irish goddess of fire, poetry, arts, and crafts. She is the goddess of all things lofty or high. From the literal high-rising flames, mountains and hills, to perceived height of activities and states of being such as wisdom, perfection, intelligence, eloquence, craftsmanship, healing ability, druidic knowledge and warfare. Saint Brigid shares many of the goddess's attributes and her pagan feast day is Imbolc, a festival marking the beginning of spring. Whether considered goddess or saint, she is largely associated with the home and hearth. This painting is one of my favourites as to me, it depicts the strength and inner fire of the divine womanly nature. Plus, from a purely visual perspective I fell in love with the vibrant red colour which evokes courage, and a bold femininity.

All of my paintings are original works that I create in North Vancouver.

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