(Original) Oshun - Nigerian Goddess of the Sweet Waters

(Original) Oshun - Nigerian Goddess of the Sweet Waters


This painting features a beautiful Nigerian goddess emerging from water

• 16" x 20"

• Original oil on canvas

• All originals have finished edges

• All originals are glazed / sealed to preserve colours

• If you have any questions about the piece please email keita@keitathomas.com

Artist Notes & Symbology

"Oshun" or "Osun" is a goddess of the Yoruba people of SW Nigeria,  She is associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality and is considered one of the most powerful of all orishas. 

In most Yoruba stories, Oshun is depicted as the protector, saviour, or nurturer of humanity. Also described as the maintainer of spiritual balance or mother of sweet things. Like all ancient deities, she also possesses less desirable qualities such as an easily lost temper and vanity; and I like that about her. She isn’t a perfect and unattainable energy, but exists in the balance much like a reflection of all women.

Oshun is especially important to women in West African cultures. Those who want children usually call on Oshun for assistance, and she is associated with the concepts of femininity and the power of women. More widely, she is sought after in times of drought or severe poverty. .

All of my paintings are original works that I create in North Vancouver.

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