Wood Panel "She Loved Herself Like a Rose" - Hand Embellished

Wood Panel "She Loved Herself Like a Rose" - Hand Embellished


"She Loved Herself Like a Rose" by Keita Thomas

Frame not included as the panel is fit to hang as is.

An 8" x10" print of an original 8” x 10” Watercolour Painting with Coloured Pencil and White Ink Detailing and Silver Paint Embellishment.

This printed reproduction has been hand embellished in metallic ink and white ink post-printing, by the original artist.

So your piece is 100% unique and although it’s printed it has that hand-made and loved touch!

"A single rose is a timeless statement of love and I painted this one as closed. Hibernated, Protected from outside forces but bursting with vibrancy - like the unapologetic love that vibrates from the soul of a woman in stasis..." visit the blog for more info on the process of painting this rose.

Not only does this print work as a beautiful piece of stand-alone art in your home, but it can also act as a reminder to remain active in your healing process to promote self-love, permission to rest, pause, practice self-care and connect with the feminine side of your nature.


How to use as a crystal grid:

Lay your rose art panel on a flat surface.

Place your key crystal on the centre of the triangle, on top of the rose design.

Place three or more activating crystals in each corner of the triangle marked out in the design.

For suggested crystals to use and a tutorial on how to activate your crystal grid, check out my blog as I will be posting that really soon.

To request a larger size option and other artwork, email keita@keitathomas.com

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