She Dared to Bloom - Crystal Grid

She Dared to Bloom - Crystal Grid

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Frame not included

Print of an original 8” x 10” Watercolor Painting with Coloured Pencil and White Ink Detailing and Silver Embellishment.

Please Note: the silver-grey shapes are NOT printed in metallic ink in this printed reproduction.

There are two price options options for printing.

1) 8.5” X 11” Print = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

2) Postcard = High quality image printed on matt finish, thick, durable paper.

This was the first painting I did of this series and I fell in love with the simplicity of it’s message and execution.

To me, this represents a “blooming” of strength that I have found in myself of late - something I didn’t know existed but a celebration of bearing the truth of my experience in love to this point, self-honesty and vulnerability.

The symbol of the triangle when it’s this way up represents strength, stability, the divine masculine, the father and assertiveness. A single rose is a timeless statement of love and I painted this one as blooming. Open and confidently vulnerable. A state I currently strive to step into and a reminder of my own strength as a woman, a mother and an artist.

Not only does this print work as a beautiful piece of stand-alone art in your home, but it can also act as a reminder to remain active in your healing process to promote courage, strength, speaking your truth and connecting with the masculine side of your nature.

How to use as a crystal grid:

  • Frame your print to protect it first.

  • Lay your framed rose print on a flat surface.

  • Place your key crystal on the centre of the triangle, on top of the rose design.

  • Place three or more activating crystals in each corner of the triangle marked out in the design.

  • For suggested crystals to use and a tutorial on how to activate your crystal grid, check out my blog as I will be posting that really soon.

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